Enilsa Brown.... Love Stephanie Gallo Holvick she's amazing and so knowledgeable in her field. I love my Skin Classie Rx best investment I have ever made.

Semoney Vassel... My skin classic best investment so far!r

Katie Marshall... I LOVE MY SKIN CLASSIC!

Call or click to apply...great for Med Spa Services as well.

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Click to apply or call and ask for Marty Swager

As a nurse educator I feel it is super important to be properly trained in what ever modality you use on your clients. Yes some are not that technical and can maybe get away with online or no training.  I pride myself on selling the Skin Classic with 1 on 1 training in your facility.  Our trainers have experience and can answer your questions as well as client concerns.  

Upon purchase of the Skin Classic your 1 on 1 training will be scheduled...It doesnt matter where you are in the US we will come to you.  And yes we have been to remote areas of the US that require travel...planes, trains, ferries, cars, ubers....you name it we have done it.  We want to bring you the fantastic results that the Skin Classic can provide...but it takes 1 on 1 Training!

No ifs ands or buts about it.  Do not settle for less.