Large NeuroMed BLT – 10g Strip (25 strips per box) 

Large NeuroMed BLT-SAMPLE SPECIAL (5 Strips of 10 grams each)

Small NeuroMed BLT – 5g Strip (50 strips per box) 

Small NeuroMed BLT-SAMPLE SPECIAL (10 Strips of 5 grams each)

Safe and Effective, Rapid Onset Topical Anesthetics for Aestheticians (15 – 20 minute peak effect)

 Features and Benefits

Rapid onset of action
Proven safe and effective both in clinical use settings as well as approved studies
Easy to apply and remove
Competitive cost
Single-use, sanitary packets are supplied to reduce the risk of cross contamination. The risk of cross contamination is present in competitive products which are supplied in multi-use jars and tubes.
Two-year shelf life from time of manufacture
Third party tested for microbes and active ingredient concentration
Easy access (no prescription required, designated OTC Monograph therapeutic anesthetic)
FDA Compliant in accordance with the 21 CFR Monograph 348 OTC Topical Analgesics and Anesthetics for Human Use

Topical Anesthetics for Aestheticians

NeuroMed BLT Topical Anesthetics Combination Package