In 1982 Stephanie began her nursing career specializing in surgery. Working in well-known training institutes like Emory University, Medical University of South Carolina, St. Joes of Denver Stephanie was a mentor to new nurses in the OR. While working in the field of plastic surgery she took the first step into the aesthetic nursing. Having the opportunity to work with individuals who requested her Micropigmentation services was very rewarding. Clients with visual impairments, those suffering from Parkinson’s disease , burn victims, and alopecia had their self esteem heightened with Micropigmentation. Stephanie expanded her nurse aesthetic practice to also treat skin integrity. Clients with minor skin irregularities are delighted in the results of direct high frequency in the form of Skin Classic. Stephanie has completed thousands of medical aesthetic proce­dures since 1993, and has shared many of them with the world on the website and You Tube. Her practice has been featured in numerous publications like Nursing Spectrum, a national nursing forum. Other publications that have also helped spread the word of her nursing aesthetic practice. Stephanie consults with many skin care professionals like fellow nurses, physicians, and aestheticians who would like to incorporate her techniques for success. Currently, Stephanie enjoys traveling extensively working with professionals around the country to pass on those techniques with the equipment that makes a difference.