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Courtesy of Janet Wix. 1st treatment done during training. Completed in 2 sessions!

What Is EliminInk Tattoo Removal?

EliminInk is a cutting edge tattoo remover.

  • No expensive laser
  • No messy creams
  • No excision
  • Contains its own scar inhibitor
  • Effective for all colors
  • Simple to use, quick & safe
  • Requires less treatments than a majority of other methods

EliminInk is implanted into tissue the same way tattoo inks and permanent makeup pigments are implanted in tissue using a tattoo or permanent make-up machine. Regulations regarding who can treat clients for tattoo removal with EliminInk vary depending on Country, State, County, and in some cases City code. There are established EliminInk Certification Courses throughout the United States, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Central America, and South America to provide product and procedure training. The treatment can only be performed by an EliminInk Certified Tattoo Artist, Permanent Make-up Artist or Physician. A Nurse or Medical Aesthetician working under the supervision of a Physician can also perform the treatment after completing the Certification Course.

EliminInk can be utilized on both professional and home-made tattoos as well as permanent make-up on most areas of the body. The only treatment area that must be avoided is tattoos on the eyelid (i.e., eyeliner). The treatment is not color selective (unlike laser) and is effective on all color inks and pigments.

Does it hurt?

The treatment is very similar to being tattooed. Most clinics can apply topical anesthetic to numb the skin prior to treatment (if required).

How long does a treatment take?

A treatment takes around 30 to 45 minutes to cover a 2” x 2” tattoo (4 square inch area).

How soon will I see the results?

The most extraordinary thing about EliminInk is that you will actually get to see the results in just a few days. After the treatment, a bandage is applied to the treated area. This bandage must be kept on and kept dry for 48 hours during which a scab will form over the treated area. It is likely that parts of the tattoo will be almost completely erased on just the first treatment. Many tattoos require more than one treatment; however, the results are very impressive with EliminInk and a tattoo can be completely removed in just a matter of months, compared with the extended period of time one must dedicate to having a tattoo removed with a laser.

EliminInk is NOT:

  • A fade cream
  • An acid or bleach
  • A medical treatment
  • An IPL or laser treatment

After Treatment Care:

A bandage is applied over the treated area and should be left in place and kept dry for the first 48 hours following the treatment. The bandage should NOT be airtight. The bandage should allow for air to get to the treated area allowing a scab to form and harden. The scab must be kept dry until it naturally falls off flakes away, which will take between one or two weeks. The scab should not be picked off or scratched during the healing process as this could lead to some permanent scarring. As with any treatment that punctures the skin there is a risk of infection. The area should therefore be kept clean and dry until the skin has properly healed. If there are any signs of infection you should consult your primary care physician. After the scab has fallen off, DermRenu tissue repair solution (which works as a scar inhibitor) should be applied two (2X) times daily to the treatment area. Detailed instructions regarding “After Treatment Care” will be fully discussed at time of treatment and instructions will be provided for reference at home.

EliminInk tattoo removal treatments can only be administered by an EliminInk Certified Tattoo Artist, Permanent Make-up Artist, Physician or Certified personnel in a Physician’s office.


Through a specially-formulated process, EliminInk bonds with ALL permanent makeup pigments and tattoo inks resulting in a tattoo removal procedure that is NON-color dependent unlike that of laser which is color dependent.

This, in turn, greatly increases the potential for successful tattoo removal and decreases the overall number of treatment sessions required (as compared to what is frequently required when using the laser technique).

The EliminInk Tattoo Removal System is similar to the original tattoo procedure. The EliminInk solution is applied using a tattoo over procedure. Instead of implanting ink or pigment, EliminInks specially-formulated solution bonds with the original tattoo and then draws the ink to the skin’s surface.

In addition, as noted above the EliminInk solution also contains the scar-inhibiting product, DermRenu, which helps to minimize or prevent scarring.  

My radiation tattoos before Eliminink
Immediately after treatment with Eliminink
Immediately after treatment with Eliminink
Immediately after treatment with Eliminink

After healing...sternal tattoo no further treatment neede. Right tattoo needed 1 more treatment
After healing...sternal tattoo no further treatment needed. Right tattoo needed 1 more treatment
Totally healed after 2 treatments...I am thrilled!
These before and afters are courtesy of the very talented Alicia Seyhanli.

  • Pricing varies depending on size and depth of tattoo upon consultation....however these are approximate
  • Radiation tattoos for breast cancer survivors.........$125.00/2 dots (usually located on the sternum and above the affected breast or bilaterally
  • 2 x 2 area 150.00 to 300.00 per treatment
  • Treatment will include a post care kit.